Fiber Optic Transducer


FOX – Fiber Optic Xducer (Transducer)

What is FOX?  
FOX is an analog signal transport device that accepts signals in any RF (0.4 – 6 GHz) or IF (0 – 250 MHz) band, moves them over great distances and delivers them to any desired RF (0.4 – 6 GHz) or IF (0 – 250 MHz) frequency at the destination. 
The basic FOX model provides 2 independent channels of infinitely programmable bandwidth (0.5 – 120 MHz).  Some of our customers use it in place of a receiver.
Options include 4 simultaneous channels, and analog or digital representations of AM and Signal Strength

Why use FOX?  
Operators of legacy equipment (L/S band data sources or receivers for example) can continue using the equipment while operating their RF segment in any band not supported by the legacy equipment (C-band for example).
FOX carries the signal meticulously between 2 points (90+ dB dynamic range) and reconstructs it at the destination without any loss of fidelity.

FOX  Facts:

  • Over 90dB of Dynamic Range
  • UHF-Band to Lower C-Band (Other bands available)
  • RF IN -> RF and/or IF Out
  • 2 Simultaneous Signals (4 Channels as an option)
  • Up to 120MHz Bandwidth per channel
  • Down/Up Conversion Incorporated
  • Demodulated Signal Available (AM & AGC Output)
  • Transport Distance: over 300m

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