CDSI staff have a 25-year history of Technical Support to the US Army's Firefinder program. Firefinder is a weapon-locating radar system. CDSI also has also been responsible for the design and development of several generations of Radar Environment Simulators (RES). CDSI is currently providing simulation support for the US Army's Firefinder Radar Processor Upgrade program.

We are also working to demonstrate a software-based development cycle for recognizing, modeling, analyzing and resolving issues encountered in the field. In an attempt to reduce the time to fielded solution as well as minimize the development cycle required for testing the code modifications, we have developed a virtual environment.

This virtual environment includes a Firefinder Radar emulation that interacts with environments observed in various fielded conditions. Because of the accuracy of the model, the responses from the emulation strongly resemble the responses encountered in the field. We have been able to tailor effective software solutions to address Radar performance enhancement using this approach.

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