Telemetry & CDT Systems

CDSI principals have designed, fabricated, integrated, tested, installed and supported Telemetry systems of various kinds for several customers throughout the world.  We are often contacted to upgrade existing systems even though they might have been produced by other vendors.

We use CDSI Antenna Control Units (ACUs) with the systems we deliver – whether they are complete products or refurbishment efforts. We fabricate our own feeds, as needed, while our reflectors and positioners are supplied by local suppliers.  The remaining components are supplied by vendors that we have used in the past, and are well-known to us. 

Our systems use Open Source software (Linux) and FPGA-based hardware for a tight connection between operator and hardware. 

We test our Telemetry systems using our Telemetry Environment Simulator (TES) product.  It is a system level tool that was designed to allow fully integrated, mechanically positioned Telemetry systems. The TES records the system response to standard as well as custom target scenarios (e.g. overhead pass, close-range launch) and allows the test engineer to analyze and optimize system response as needed. The TES uses its own angle pick-off that is independent of the pedestal's so the test mechanism is non-invasive to the customer's system.


  • Multiple Torque/power models to choose from

  • Can be customized for a specific use

  • 3 Axis Control & Motion Stabilized Options

  • Serial/Fiber Interface available for servo control

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