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CDSI capabilities 

Each CDSI principal has decades of experience in providing innovative solutions to difficult problems. We like to step back and look at the big picture, and then bring experience from many inter-related fields to provide innovative solutions for our customers.  Often, we begin with a high-level simulation that informs both the customer and our developers of the existing or proposed capabilities, and can become progressively more detailed where necessary during development or debug of new or existing subsystems

Telemetry Systems

CDSI designs, develops, fabricates and refurbishes telemetry systems for various applications. We use local suppliers where possible, to help maintain good control of product quality. Our systems use Open-Source software (Linux) and FPGA-based hardware solutions to provide a tight connection between operator, controller and hardware. We also perform in-house FPGA programming for special processing applications that may require customized solutions.


We have proven feed designs that cover L, S & C-bands for RX as well as RX/TX feeds, and can provide novel SCM or Con-Scan tracking capability over the L, S & C bands individually or simultaneously.

Threat Simulation & Evaluation Systems 

Our solutions can Transmit & Receive simultaneously with high isolation and optional blanking capability. We offer a compact and precise antenna positioner to do the work normally relegated to larger systems.  We feature integrated waveform generation, remote control, slaving and video tracking in our standard offering.


Digital Beamforming (DBF)

With the ever-reducing cost and ever-increasing capability of digital devices and technology, DBF has become the preferred implementation, particularly for multi-band, multi-beam phased-array antennas. Our DBF approach allows the flexibility to apply powerful signal-processing principles across the antenna aperture, to provide unprecedented performance in real-world scenarios, including impressive multipath mitigation.  Our technology leverages COTS products where possible, to provide a very lightweight, cost-effective solution (low SWAP and cost).

Fiber Optic Transducer (FOX) 

Our FOX product provides RF/IF receiver functionality for several channels simultaneously over the 1 – 6 GHz range.  We first digitize the signal, process it into channels with desired bandwidth, and then transport the data via fiber connection to the user-desired destination, which can be tens of Km away.  There, we resurrect the channel information and can output it at IF or RF at any user-desired frequency.  One popular usage allows a user to keep legacy equipment in service remotely, or even eliminate portions of it in entirety.


Environment Simulation 

CDSI builds environment Simulators for Radar and Telemetry systems, enabling the user to
test the performance envelope of the target system in stressing scenarios.  One approach “taps into” the communication between the controller and the sensor to produce analog signals that are then processed by the target hardware in "normal" operation.  The host system thus responds to operator-created scenarios, thereby allowing its performance envelope to be tested with realistic scenarios. Our Radar Environment Simulators has been used to test every Firefinder Radar set that has been produced to date (there are about 1000 deployed world-wide).

For the Firefinder application, we also developed a Virtual Development and Test Environment (VDTE) which integrates these simulation capabilities with an emulated Firefinder radar that wraps the actual radar processing code, allowing the entire engagement to be run entirely on the desktop without needing the valuable hardware assets.  See LINK for more details of this innovative technology.

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