Frequently Asked Questions

CDSI is dedicated to providing our customers with most complete information about our products and services. Here are the answers to the questions most frequently asked by our customers.

What are the Benefits of Digital Multi-Beamforming Arrays?

Our UBT Systems allow our users to replace single or multiple systems while increasing the number of tracked objects from a single location.

What kind of modernization options does CDSI provide?

We have provided upgrades to Feeds, Motors, Servos, and Controllers allowing our customers to extend their system’s operating life.

What level of support does CDSI provide?

CDSI is interested in establishing long term relationships with our customers. Our goal is to provide the best support over the long term, helping to preserve your investment.

What benefits do CDSI’s feeds provide?

CDSI’s feeds are modular, using a common back end and mounting hardware and allowing the front end to be switched based on the frequency band being received. CDSI also provides filtering options based on the environment.

What are the benefits of the Telemetry Environment Simulator (TES)?

The TES is a powerful tool that allows its user to verify the performance of a pedestal. It can also be used to train operators without the expense involved in organizing and operating a real mission.

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