The CDSI Product Line

When you are ready to take the lead on the next phase of telemetry, we're here to help.

Digital Beam-Forming Array


CDSI’s Digital Beam-forming Module (DBM) is a small multi-beam phased-array antenna “tile” measuring about 1 square foot and weighing about 6 pounds. 

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Parabolic Telemetry Antenna Systems


CDSI provides a wide range of telemetry systems, from single axis pointers to sea-stabilized tracking antenna systems. 

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Command Destruct Terminal Systems


CDSI’s Command Destruct Terminal Systems (CDTS) used for flight termination support. 

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Threat Simulation & Evaluation Systems (FLEX-EW)


CDSI’s FLEX-EW System is a flexible, compact, wideband Electronic Warfare system capable of stimulating the Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) systems on aircraft, ships, and vehicles. 

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Telemetry Tracking Feeds


CDSI’s feeds are designed as modular assemblies with a removable RF front end and a fixed common back-end.

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Telemetry Environment Simulator (TES)


CDSI’s TES is designed to test Telemetry Systems in preparation for high-value target engagements. 

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Antenna Control Unit(ACU)


The ACU is based on EBX hardware running a Linux operating system. All modules are written in C and Python using MongoDB as the relational database.

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