Telemetry Tracking Feeds

Mobile and Fixed Telemetry Systems With The Option of an L/S-Band or C-Band prime Focused Antenna

CDSI’s feeds are designed as modular assemblies with a removable RF front end and a fixed common back-end. This design provides both mobile and fixed telemetry systems the option of an L/S-Band or C-Band prime focused antenna by simply swapping the RF front end with no adjustments required to the feed ring or spars. The RF elements are band specific providing two outputs per band. This allows for simpler band dedicated filtering with lower overall insertion loss and thus better G/T performance.


Key Capabilities

    • Stimulate RWR Systems via RF and Laser
    • Automatic ERP Adjustment to Target Range
      • Stable & Controlled RF Illumination
    • 500MHz Through 40GHz Simulated Radar
    • Emulates Phased Array and Reflector Radars using a wide range of waveforms
    • Compact Pedestal Mounted High Power RF Sources
    • High Precision, Zero Backlash Drive
    • μWave Transmit & Receive on Single System
      • High Tx/Rx Isolation
    • Gridded TWT Option Allows Sensitive RF Collection Cycle
    • ELINT Capability
    • Controllable from a Single User Interface
    • Optical or Slave Tracking Capabilities


See datasheet for a sample system specification