Telemetry Environment Simulator (TES)

Test Telemetry Systems in Preparation for High-Value Target Engagements


CDSI’s TES is designed to test Telemetry Systems in preparation for high-value target engagements. The TES combines the input antenna position with the synthetic target scenario to produce analog AM & AGC signals that are then fed to the ACU via the same analog inputs used by the receivers. TES is an excellent way to test end-to-end ACU/pedestal operation as it is transparent to the antenna system. Used as part of an Acceptance Test, Operational Maintenance, operator training, or pre-qualification before a critical mission.



  • Simulate & Test Complex Real-World Scenarios
    • Overhead Passes (Keyhole)
    • Close-Range Missile Launches
    • Hypervelocity Tracking
  • TES Matches ACU's AM Phasing Through a Calibration Process
  • Accepts Any Feed Scan Rates
  • Automatic High Gain/AcqAid Switching
  • Option to use Measured or Simulated Antenna Patterns
  • Test Systems Electromechanical Performance
  • Accommodates Various Position Feedback
    • Parallel (Encoder, SSI, Synchro)
    • External (IMU)


  • Slave Pointing Accuracy Measurement
    • Flexible ICD Protocol Through Various Links (Ethernet, RS-232, 422, 485 or other)
  • Provide Operator Mission Training
  • Accept a System Using the TES as Part of the Vendor ATP