Threat Simulation & Evaluation Systems (FLEX-EW)

A Flexible, Compact, Wide-band Electronic Warfare system


CDSI’s FLEX-EW System is a flexible, compact, wideband Electronic Warfare system capable of stimulating the Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) systems on aircrafts, ships and vehicles. An operator can stimulate the System-Under-Test (SUT) while receiving its responses on the FLEX-EW, which has integrated capabilities from 500 MHz to 40 GHz and includes a laser pulse generator with range-finding capabilities. FLEX-EW locks onto targets using a powerful optical tracking system or slaves to other tracking devices. Constant illumination power is provided to the SUT by choosing to automatically adjust ERP based on target range.


  • Stimulate RWR Systems via RF and Laser
  • Automatic ERP Adjustment to Target Range
    • Stable & Controlled RF Illumination
  • 500MHz Through 40GHz Simulated Radar
  • Emulates Phased Array and Reflector Radars using a wide range of waveforms
  • Compact Pedestal Mounted High Power RF Sources
  • High Precision, Zero Backlash Drive
  • μWave Transmit & Receive on Single System
    • High Tx/Rx Isolation
  • Gridded TWT Option Allows Sensitive RF Collection Cycle
  • ELINT Capability
  • Controllable from a Single User Interface
  • Optical or Slave Tracking Capabilities


See datasheet for a sample system specification